Can Metal Buildings Be Painted?

Can Metal Buildings Be Painted?

If you’re wondering if your metal building can be painted, the simple answer is: yes! Painting a steel building can greatly improve its curb appeal while also improving its durability and longevity. Metal buildings are well known to possess superior strength, and applying a layer of high-quality paint for steel buildings helps to prevent rust over time. We’ve put together some best practices for those seeking to get the most out of painting their steel structure:

1) Note When Painting/Repainting is Needed

If you’ve recently added a steel building to your property, odds are you won’t need to worry about its first coat of paint for a while. Some paints last for decades in certain areas, though this will depend greatly on the type of paint used and your local weather conditions throughout the year. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for when it might be best to have your metal building painted before you decide to commit to the project. Painting isn’t always the only option available for steel buildings; protective seals and coatings are also possible. 

Generally, the signs that your steel building needs to be repainted are: 

  • if the current paint is flaking, lifting, or falling off in chunks
  • if you notice some rust, corrosion, or other wear, no matter how small
  • if the panels start to look chalky
  • if the side of the building facing the sun starts to look a different color than the rest of the painted structure

2) Know Your Enemy: Rust

Some people consider painting a metal building when they notice early signs of rusting, but although rust might be your structure’s greatest foe, there are proper steps that need to be taken to make sure that it doesn’t continue to eat away at it. Just slapping down a new layer of paint, no matter how expensive or outdoor-friendly, can just seal in the rust which will rise to the surface again soon enough. Have a professional metal building contractor work with your existing structure to mechanically remove rust and replace any panels as needed before investing in new paint. 

3) Know the Proper Steps for Painting a Steel Building

The first step to painting a steel building is to remove dust, debris, bird waste, etc., from the surfaces. Ideally, this is done with a strong pressure washer. You can either buy your own or use a pressure washing service. Then, apply a protective coating to windows and trim. Repaint the surface of your steel building when it’s dry, but before more debris has a chance to collect on it. This is best done with larger painting tools that will allow you to reach far and distribute the paint evenly across a wide area. Allow the first coat to dry, and then for extra protection and color, give it another. A professional metal building painting service nearby might be invaluable if you don’t have the time or ability to do the task yourself. Your newly-painted steel building will look smart and fresh, elevating the aesthetic and financial value of your property!

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