Steel Church Buildings

Ludwig Building Enterprises fabricates the best quality steel church buildings across the state of Louisiana.

Steel Church Buildings in New Orleans, LA

No matter if your plans are to add to an existing place of worship or to construct one from scratch, Ludwig Building Enterprises offers the best steel church buildings in Louisiana. We’ve constructed hundreds of metal churches, so when you select us to design and fabricate your place of sanctuary and worship, you can be assured that it will match your congregation’s preferences, needs, budget, and style. 

Church Steel Buildings Louisiana
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Our metal buildings offer robust clear-spans for adaptable, open floor plans that don’t require load-bearing walls or columns to achieve. Open up your place of worship and achieve a unique design aesthetic while enhancing the flow of foot traffic, sound, and lighting. Today’s metal church facilities can be designed with adult and youth areas in mind along with childcare wings, educational areas, casual hangout spaces, and more.  

When it’s time to construct a new steel church building near New Orleans for your congregation, you can embrace the excitement of working with our trained architects to create your perfect structure. You’ve probably given great thought to the ministry that’s taking place, but it’s also important to consider the areas outside of where the religious services will be held as well. Ludwig’s design team will help decide with you the best metal church size for your congregation to make it a truly multifunctional building. 

Additional features that are commonly considered when designing a steel church in New Orleans include: 

  • lighting
  • acoustics
  • organs, pianos, speakers, mixers, etc. 
  • seating needs
  • statuary 
  • signage 
  • outdoor education and physical health equipment
  • nursery areas
  • windows 
  • sanctuary seating

Adding to a Steel Church Building

If you’re looking to expand the size or functionality of an existing steel church around New Orleans, Ludwig Building Enterprises offers retrofits. We understand that adding onto an existing metal building can oftentimes be more complicated than fabricating a new one, as there are many structural and aesthetic considerations that need to be carefully observed. That’s why it’s critical to work with an experienced steel building construction company like Ludwig to complete your addition safely and beautifully. 

Working With Ludwig

Planning for a new church can seem difficult, as you’re asked to keep the entire congregation’s interests in mind while still needing to stick to a strict budget. Since each parishioner has something in mind for what’s best for their local church, it’s important that you work with a steel building company that will listen to all of their requests and concerns. Our team of experts will look at existing structures as well in order to determine where their current use is faltering and how it can be improved during the renovation process. 

Get the Best Steel Churches in Louisiana

We take pride in constructing places of worship that will have special meaning in the hearts of countless families for generations. If you’re looking for a new steel church building near New Orleans or just want to improve the versatility of your existing structure, then reach out to the top-rated construction company around. We’re standing by for your phone call or email to get the process started and schedule your free consultation today!