Ludwig Basic &
Custom Steel Framing Systems

Framing Systems for Metal Buildings

As a full-line manufacturer of pre-engineered metal buildings, Ludwig produces a variety of steel framing systems. Over the years we’ve gained a very good understanding of the most common needs of our customers. This helped us develop our basic framing systems that are available in a variety of sizes and for different design loads.

Ludwig maintains a full staff of in-house engineers who will work with you to meet your building specifications, local building codes, and design loads, including wind loads. If your metal building requires extraordinary design, we will produce a custom framing system quickly and economically to meet your unique requirements.

Straight Gable
Tapered M
Tapered Multi
Clear Span Crane
Multi Span Crane
Straight Single R
Lean to Below

Steel Framing
in the Gulf Coast

Steel framing systems in Louisiana and Mississippi have been increasing in popularity consistently over the past decade. At Ludwig Building Enterprises, we’ve had more than just a few experiences constructing metal-framed buildings; it has become one of our specialties!

metal building possesses the highest weight-to-strength ratio out of any building material on the market today. It will not warp, rot, creep, split, or crack. Deciding on a steel framing system will eliminate drywall cracking and nail pops. Steel framing will give you peace of mind that there are no termites chewing away at your critical structural foundations, and this will save you costly preventative pest treatments further down the road.

Steel is also environmentally friendly since much steel manufactured today contains recycled steel. In fact, All Steel is recyclable. From grills to cars to kitchen sinks, everything made of steel can be recycled multiple times without losing its strength once it has been properly tempered. During construction, metal buildings will create much less waste in landfills compared to their equivalent that has been constructed out of more traditional materials. 

Dispelling Metal
Building Myths

There are a few myths about steel buildings in Louisiana and Mississippi that are easily dispelled:

1) Steel framing systems do not attract lightning strikes. They actually prevent damage to buildings.

2) Steel-framed buildings won’t melt in a fire because they can resist over 1.800 degrees Fahrenheit. 

3) Steel framing systems can be used for renovations and additions with existing wood on houses and are excellent for dealing with termite damage.

The American Lung Association recommends steel-framed structures for improved air quality indoors. Homeowners who are sensitive to chemicals or those who are prone to asthma attacks will be exposed to fewer chemicals when inside a steel-framed house. Steel is also highly resistant to mold growth that could lead to chronic illness. 

If you’re in Louisiana or Mississippi and are interested in steel frame construction, don’t settle for an inferior product or an inexperienced building company. Your organization and staff are too important to risk; trust the experts at Ludwig Building Enterprises to get your metal building or metal addition constructed right!