Asked Questions

How can I get a price on a metal building?

Easy, call us at (504) 733-6260   to speak with a Ludwig Sales team member or fill out our Quick Quote Form and we will call you.

What are the advantages of pre-engineered metal buildings?

  • Save you time and money on the construction of your building by 35%-50% compared to traditional construction.
  • Long-term maintenance with metal buildings is minimal. Results in greater Return on Investment.
  • Each metal building is custom designed and engineered, which allows for greater flexibility and versatility for your project.
  • Metal buildings are known for their durability and strength against the elements. They are more likely to survive in harsh weather conditions than other types of construction.
  • Pre-engineered metal buildings offer strong, obstacle-free interiors to maximize floor space.

Will a Ludwig Building meet my local building code?

All Ludwig Buildings are strictly designed to comply with the building codes governing your site's location. We recommend contacting your local building official to determine your building's code requirements.

Where does Ludwig ship to?

Ludwig primarily serves the Southeast United States, however, we have delivered our buildings to 41 states and 28 countries. We have shipped over 50,000 buildings worldwide.

How long does it take for my building to be delivered after an order is placed?

Our buildings are designed on an individual basis. Therefore, estimated delivery times differ based on the complexity and size of your building.

How is my building delivered and do you unload it for me?

In order to maintain competitive pricing and consistently deliver on time, Ludwig operates its own shipping fleet of flatbed trailers. Shipping costs depend on the number of loads and mileage to the job site. Ludwig does not unload the trailer, therefore be sure to have sufficient manpower and equipment when our truck arrives.

Does Ludwig erect metal buildings?

We do not. However, we have a great network of building erectors and would be happy to give you a recommendation.