Parts of a Metal Building


Metal Roofing Ridge Cap: the tripe that’s placed along the ridge of a roof. 

Metal Roofing Ridge Vent: allows the exterior air an outlet from the peak of the roof to provide adequate airflow. 

Eave Struts: located at the line along a building’s sidewall, they support the wall paneling and roof. 

Rigid Frame Rafters: made of two or more rigid frames to form the basic structure of a metal building. 

Purlin: horizontal bar or beam that serves as structural support, supported by the walls or rafters. 

Endwall Frames: columns and structural support that gives strength to the walls of the metal building. 

Door Jamb: bears the door’s weight via its hinges and tracks when engaged. 

Louver: critical metal building accessory; a framed set of blades attached to a building that keeps dirt and moisture out while still allowing fresh air in. 

Walk Door: commercial metal doors for steel buildings that save time and money by mounting to steel beams. 

Sidewall Girt: horizontal structural support (girt) that attaches to the sidewall down to the endwall columns. 

Cable Bracing: also known as wind bracing, this forms connections that resemble a taut “X” between structural frame members which connect to either frame or concrete. 

Eave Gutters: collects water from the metal roof from the eaves of the building and can run the length of the structure. 

Downspouts: fastened to gutters, these allow water to be channeled away from the building and directed as needed. 

Windows: allows light and visibility into a steel building; saves time and money by mounting directly to steel. 

Steel Wall Panels: an interlocking layer of finished metal either preformed or rollformed into the required profile. They can be installed with less time and money spent than most other wall options. 

Metal Building Skylights: optimize natural daylight with OSHA-compliant fall protection, mounting hardware, and curb liners. 

Metal Roof Sheeting: can be customized to fit any roof around the variables of price, durability, energy efficiency, aesthetics, and more!