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Custom Built Metal Warehouses

A metal warehouse from Ludwig Building Enterprises is the perfect solution for your inventory management and other storage demands. Every prefabricated steel warehouse we offer can be customized to your requirements, meaning that you decide which features to focus on while still getting the high-quality results that we’ve become known for in the industry. 

The Benefits of a Steel Warehouse

When deciding on a steel warehouse in New Orleans, it’s important to consider the benefits that accompany them. The most notable ones are: 

1) Fire Resistance 

New Orleans metal warehouses are fire-resistant thanks to the inherent flame resistance of steel. When it comes to warehouse fires, lumber is typically the first structure material to ignite and feed the flames. Framing lumber lighting up will only serve to further lay waste to your inventory and other precious storage that you’ve trusted to your building. 

Thankfully, Ludwig’s commercial-grade metal warehouses are constructed with non-combustible materials that won’t help light up the sky in the event of a fire.

2) Durability 

It’s no secret that metal warehouses in New Orleans make for some of the most durable storage solutions on the market. Weather conditions such as torrential rains and high winds are able to be endured by our rugged steel framing, keeping your investment safe while managing to remain aesthetically pleasing throughout its lifespan. Plus, steel warehouses are more resistant to pests and erosion when compared to other construction materials like wood. 

3) Expandability

As your business grows, so does your need for sufficient storage. Ludwig’s New Orleans metal warehouses offer customers the ability to expand their structures as needed in order to accommodate an increased demand for space. Don’t invest time and money building a warehouse that can’t easily be added to; choose our line of prefabricated steel warehouses for convenient storage that expands with your operation.  

4) Environmentally Friendly 

Going green is easy when you choose Ludwig to construct your next metal storage building in Louisiana. Steel is one of the most reusable materials available in the construction industry, making it ideal for those who are environmentally conscious. If you’re interested in doing your part to better the planet’s health, choosing to build with steel rather than wood or concrete will not only provide you with a superior product but also provide the planet with superior stewardship. 

Designing a Metal Warehouse in New Orleans

It’s our goal to make sure that your steel warehouse is tailored to suit your needs. Therefore, we’ve hired only the best metal building designers in Louisiana and beyond to help draft, plan, price, and finalize your ideal metal storage building. By working with our experienced team, we’re certain that you can have all the custom components and more that your storage operation requires. 

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Get Started With the Metal Warehouse Experts

No matter if you need a modest storage space or an expansive warehouse that holds aisles of products, Ludwig has you covered. Reach out to us via phone or email today to learn more about our metal warehouse options in New Orleans and beyond and to schedule a free consultation!