Roof & Wall Panels
for Metal Buildings

R-Panel Roof

The conventional “R” panel roof is durable and maintains its standard of excellence over time. The extended leg panel is available in Galvalume® and White. The standard leg panel is available in all colors. R-Panels are available in 26 or 24 gage.

LT-324 Standing Seam Roof

The Ludwig “LT-324 Standing Seam Roof” is one of our most durable and weathertight roof panels. Concealed sliding clips provide a floating roof system that allows the panel to expand and contract in response to variations in outside temperature. Ludwig “LT-324 Standing Seam Roof” may be manually or mechanically seamed based on the loading conditions. LT-324 panels are available in 26 or 24 gage.

Ludwig Wall Panels

Wall choices from Ludwig Buildings include two distinctive profiles: the traditional “R” panel as well as the sculptured “Flair” Panel. Both are formed in 26 gage Galvalume® that are made to your exact size specifications and are available with or without color finishes.

UL Rating

All Ludwig roof panels are available with UL-90 wind uplift ratings from Underwriters Laboratories (UL) only when requested.