Metal Farm Buildings 
in New Orleans, LA


Quality Fabricated Metal Farm Buildings in New Orleans, LA

Ludwig Building Enterprises delivers permanence, strength, and top-grade fabrication materials for custom agricultural buildings in Louisiana and beyond. No matter the shape, size, or function you’re looking for, our crew’s able to get you the perfect metal farm buildings for your operation. Built to last, our selection of steel buildings for your agriculture business will protect both living and material investments from lightning, high winds, mold, cold weather conditions, fire, and more. 

Why Your Next Custom Farm Building Should be Steel

Ranchers, farmers, and more love our metal farming structures thanks to their: 

1) Economic Costs

Ludwig provides top-quality building materials and results for affordable prices that won’t break your operation’s budget. 

2) Insulation 

Insulating steel farm buildings is a breeze with our time-honed methods that keep your structures functioning year-round. 

3) Speedy Assembly

Constructed with care and avoiding any corner cutting, your New Orleans steel farm building can be fabricated and erected faster than if other building materials were used. 

4) Clear-Span Convenience

We understand that metal agricultural buildings need a lot of space inside of them for work and storage, which is why we deliver peerless clear-span areas for all your operational needs. 

5) Satisfaction Guarantee

Our dedication to customer satisfaction is what got us where we are today. That’s why it’s our mission to make sure that you get the perfect steel agricultural building for your needs that exceeds expectations. 

Options of Metal Farm Buildings Around New Orleans

Agricultural industries in or around New Orleans make use of metal buildings for multiple purposes such as: 

The Long-Term Benefits of a Ludwig Metal Farm Building

Farmers know how to properly invest in their futures; that’s why they choose carefully when planning out their expansions. Ludwig steel barns, farm sheds, and other agricultural structures are able to be remodeled or added upon with ease. As your farming operation grows, so will your custom metal farm buildings. 

Steel farming buildings around New Orleans also have the added benefit of being low maintenance. As the most commonly recycled construction material in the world, steel is not just green for your wallet but also green for the environment. Our commercial-grade metal farm structures will be a great choice for new construction or expanding onto an already existing agriculture business.  

Get the Best Metal Farm Buildings in Louisiana

Ludwig is a name well-trusted in the agriculture industry thanks to our decades of experience constructing custom metal farm buildings. Our staff of veteran construction workers makes sure to treat every job with the same dedication and focus that our brothers and sisters dedicate to their agricultural operations. If you’re ready to embrace the benefits of steel farm buildings near New Orleans, give us a call or send us an email to schedule a free consultation and start planning today!